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"Presenting Christ by all means everywhere since 1892"

Dr. Robin Herman - Ministering in the Collingwood, Ontario Area

Robin, like the woman at the well, has met Jesus and wants to waste no more time in telling her village.  She believes that the Gospel hasn’t diminished in power and wants to be a part of the harvest.  She attended nine years of university and graduated with a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Guelph in 1996.  After practicing small animal medicine for a decade she hung up the stethoscope to homeschool her six children, and continues to do so (minus the eldest who is now attending 2nd year University!).  

Ministry currently involved in:  

  1. Evangelistic classes in local library with goal to engage in bible study and discipleship
  2. Children’s initiatives in high density subsidized housing complexes with goal to connect with Awana
  3. Awana outreach program at local church
  4. Home-based bible study and discipleship  
  5. Prayer ministry leader
  6. Church based ‘Caring’ Ministry providing practical help in the form of meals, connecting, visits etc
  7. Speaking at conferences— exhortation & support for ladies/marriage/homeschool

Robin can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..