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Al Thiessen - Ministering in Southern Ontario

Theissen family

Al and Susan Thiessen and girls (Madelyn 4 and Gracelyn 2) currently live in Wallaceburg, and will make Southern Ontario their place of ministry. Pray for them !

When Susan’s mom passed away in 2011, we were faced with the reality of how short life here on Earth is and how it really is not our home.  We became aware that our focus has been misdirected toward making the comforts of life more important than the dying souls all around us. 
Al was introduced to a ministry called OAC Ministries as a student in Bible College.  He was part of a team that stood in the middle of New York City, Boston and Philadelphia and shared their faith with people passing by.  One method that he used to do this was a paint board which is a visual display of the gospel with paper & paint on a large easel.  Being part of this experience made a huge impact on Al!  It was the first time he had ever stepped out in faith to tell complete strangers that they were created, known & deeply loved by his God. 

Last year, while we were seeking God’s direction for our lives, we met with the Canadian director of OAC Ministries to discuss joining their ministry.  There is such a tremendous need right here in Ontario for lost souls to hear about Christ and for fellow believers to be stirred into action.   Al has had opportunities to minister with the paint board several times since Bible College so is excited to share the gospel like that again.  But he is also hoping to distribute tracts, visit prisons, disciple new believers, train churches in evangelism and do whatever else God asks him to as a missionary with the OAC ministry.